Voice Network

Voice Network

We provide and install Panasonic Hybrid IP-PABX System. With our IP-PBX phone systems, your staff can connect and collaborate from office to office, here or abroad. We put all your phone systems via LAN, voice over IP, SMS, chat/IM, email, video conferencing, and fax all in one place. 

This way, you’ll experience not only centralized communications, but also feature-rich, reliable, and easy-to-use telephony. In other words, free, clear, and secure conversations at the touch of a few buttons.

We customize our solutions to fit your budget and needs. You don’t need to buy new computers or separate telephony. We work with your existing systems and reinvigorate them.

Our phone system is full of features available and ready for activation without additional cost. Some of the feature highlights are the call recording, follow me, and mobility.

Dealing with us is like a one-stop-shop because we are offering complete solutions from cabling installation, PABX system installation, programming and phone deployment, user and administration training. We are making sure that everything is set up correctly and properly tested.

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