Data Network

Data Network

Data Networking is the collection of interconnected communication systems, designed to meet the current and future needs of the customers. From connecting traditional telephony with computing, carrier services, video conferencing and more, networking your communication allows us to connect clients to their customers and the world. 

Servers, routers, switches, wireless LAN and telephony combine to form a unified infrastructure to best meet the communication requirements of an organization. Let 1Technologies become your trusted Data Network Service Provider!

Premise-Based Networks

A premise-based network is one that is owned, controlled, and maintained within the business itself. Premised-based networks provide a visual representation of all the devices within your network to indicate whether components are up and running, in a threatening state, or down.

Equipped with this information, network administrators can click to view charted metrics like resource usage, bytes in and out, memory utilization, and more that will help them resolve issues or troubleshoot potential ones before users are affected.

Having a premise-based network solution allows you to control your network. You can configure your solution to match your requirements exactly. The flexibility to monitor and collect data at specified intervals to meet your needs is another benefit of premise-based networks.

These benefits are critical for enterprise-level environments, which have the staff and requirements to be physically close to their management solutions.

Network and VoIP Readiness Assessment

Consider the different types of network-related technologies, services, and threats that have entered the information technology landscape over the past few years. Knowing what is attached to and running on your network is critical to understanding and maintaining the network.

Our network assessment consists of analysis and review of traffic flows to allow you to see exactly how your bandwidth is being used.

Are you ready to deploy a new IP telephony solution? One Technologies VoIP Readiness Assessment service provides active testing to determine if your existing data network can successfully carry real-time VoIP traffic. The assessment measures the simulated VoIP traffic and provides a comprehensive analysis with recommendations for configuration enhancements, as needed.

These proactive assessments will help you identify problems early on, find applicable solutions and track its performance over time and are a critical step to a successful VoIP deployment. Get started towards a more secure and reliable network today!

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